Tools and Training You can Trust

When you engage with Virgil, we will use our knowledge and expertise to advise you on how to avoid the operational pitfalls that can harm your organization’s long-term sustainability. We will provide the resources you need to modify your operations to meet sustainability and profit goals. Then we will monitor and evaluate your implementation to ensure minimal negative disruption to your company, leadership, and workforce.

Most importantly, we will help you live up to your commitment to make the world a better place.


Virgil advisors will work with you to understand where your current vulnerabilities lie. We will outline all the risks your organization bears and help you formulate a plan to address each risk in a socially responsible way while supporting productivity and profit-making objectives.

To do this, Virgil will perform a holistic review of all aspects of your organization’s operations - from governance, management accountability, and human capital to procurement and supply chain management. Through this thorough risk and benefit analysis, we will identify areas where your organization can integrate more responsible practices into your operations while optimizing long-term profitability. 



After assessing your company's current state, we will design a customized program to minimize risks, increase operational efficiency, and spur sustainable results. 


At this phase, it's time to put your plans into action. Virgil will guide your team through this crucial phase, ensuring that recommended modifications to your organization are executed flawlessly. 


After instituting important changes in your organization, Virgil will work with your team to measure the impact of your new programs. 



Ethical Sourcing & Supply Chain

Product Sourcing, Development & Distribution

Shareholder’s Rights & Management Accountability

Human Capital Management

Energy & Environmental Sustainability

Corporate Governance & Ethics