Differentiating Your Brand

While you won't necessarily be the only organization in your industry to engage in CSR, the values with which you align your programs and the causes you pursue can help distinguish your brand and attract a desired customer base and talented recruits. Your efforts will make fervent supporters of existing customers and help you close new business as potential customers see their values aligned with your organization's.

Strengthening Your Business

CSR initiatives create business advantage by:

  • Enhancing operational efficiency
  • Reducing costs
  • Strengthening relationships with customers
  • Increasing employee engagement and productivity
  • Improving environmental performance
  • Creating positive social impact
  • Fostering innovation

Case Study: Levi's Creating Sustainable Fashion

Levi’s has partnered with Evrnu and discovered how to “break down old  fabric to its molecular cellulose to... then reconstitute the fiber.” Result:  clothing that contains fewer pollutants after being recycled;  fiber that is actually stronger after its process than other recycled textiles; fabric that uses 98% less water than a “virgin” pair of jeans.   Ultimately the process creates a “closed loop” market in the fashion industry and helps to reduces the 85% (70lbs per person) of textiles produced per person annually that ends up in landfills.